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Powered by FreeBSD This site runs on a FreeBSD system.
Powered by MySQL MySQL is an Open Source database. It is SQL based and is surprisingly robust. I use a MySQL database to store my weather station data. MySQL is also available for Windows.
YOUR pictures on YOUR website Gallery is a photo album software package written in PHP. It is supported on any platform that PHP runs on, including Windows. The photo albums on this site use Gallery.
Powered by apache This site uses the Apache Web server. Apache is also available for Windows.
Powered by PHP This site uses PHP scripts to access the MySQL database and display results. PHP also runs on Windows operating systems.
UNIX printer set up made easy! apsfilter is a wonderful time saver for setting up printers in UNIX.

Fun Links
Weather Underground station information for KMNBLOOM2 Weather Underground is a cool network of weather professionals and hobbyists. Many of us post our weather station information here. Membership is free, but for a mere $10.00 USD per year, you can get an ad-free account.
BOINC BOINC is a distributed computing platform using volunteered computers.
Free dynamic DNS hosting A good place for people to start with hosting their own Web site.

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